A Selection for images taken of ZE360 when serving with the Tigers


An excellent colour comparison photo between the standard RAF air defence grey and the US applied `duck egg blue` (ZE360 furthest from camera shortly after being repainted)

colin collis

ZE360 Taking the wire at Wattisham

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(Images courtesy of Colin Collis)


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(Images courtesy of Terry Senior)

P Wattisham (19) - Copy P Wattisham (41)

The above shots taken at Wattisham, date unknown.
E Coningsby (1) - Copy
The pairs shot is interesting in that it shows ZE360 behind ZE359, both being the only `J` survivors. ZE359 is now at Duxford American Air Museum in her previous US Navy VF-74 scheme.
(Images courtesy of Mark Rees)

rhino11_f4juk_ze360_montijo Ian

Tiger Meet 1987 at Montijo.

(Image courtesy of Ian Powell)

ZE360 Tom


(ZE360 on the line without the black tail)

APC Akrotiri Cyprus Feb 1987


(Image courtesy of Tom McGhee)

Bob Daniels practice days for the Battle of Britain fly past in 1990 2 Bob Daniels practice days for the Battle of Britain fly past in 1990 1

 Practice days for the Battle of Britain fly past in 1990

(Images courtesy of Bob Daniels)

Bernard Mills RAF Cottesmore Open Day 14th July 1990

 RAF Cottesmore Open Day 14th July 1990

(Image courtesy of Bernard Mills)

John Pye 5th December 1990

 Departing Wattisham 5th December 1990

(Image courtesy of John Pye)