A selection of log book entries regarding ZE360 flights.

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With thanks to Bill Preece for the following Abbreviations Key:

AAR                         Air to Air Refuelling

ACT                         Air combat training

AoA                         angle of attack

ARA                         Attack re-attack

Ccts                        Circuits

DACT                      Dissimilar Air Combat

EMCON                  Emissions Control

EW                          Electronic Warfare

GCA                        Ground Controlled Approach

GH                          General Handling

IAA                          Internal aids approach

LL                            Low level

LLOLPI                     Low Level Overland Practice Intercepts

ML                           medium level

PAR                         Precision approach radar (used for a GCA)

PD                           Practise diversion

VRIAB                     Visual Run in and Break

Robin Birtwistle   Navigator     1984 – 1987


Dick Northcote OC 74     1984 – 1986

Dick Northcote

Phil Leadbetter   SQN EXEC OFF   1986 – 1988

Phil Leadbetter

Flt Lt Ken Moore   Navigator   1986-89  


Cliff Spink OC 74   1986 – 1989

Cliff Spink


Steve Smyth    Navigator    1986-89 

Steve Smyth

Steve also recalled the following in ZE360…….
`I recall Louis McQuade and I returning from Biggin Hill on Sunday 7 June 87.
Louis decided to give the jet an altitude test (it was a quiet Sunday) – we got to 64,000 feet before the engines started to wobble a little.  Completely daft and not within the release to service. My dear friend Louis has departed this life and I am long retired from the RAF (and I live in Wellington NZ) so I doubt if they can court martial us retrospectively!`
Lets hope not Steve!

Martin Loveridge      Navigator       1988-1992
Sqn Ldr on 74 (OC B-Flight)
Martin Loveridge


Graham Clarke OC 74    1989 – 1992

Graham Clarke


Tony Dixon       Navigator 

Tony Dixon

Bill Preece       Navigator      1989 – 1992


Ian Hargreaves – Pilot – 1989 – 1992

Hagar - ZE360