The following images are of varying quality and in no particular order.

Quality is dependent upon original photo quality and scan rates used.

More images will be added as time goes on, and all photos will be considered for inclusion,especially from other era’s.

 Due to the logistics of handling original photos, I am afraid I can only accept digitised images.


Archive Bob Cossey, John Crow & Tony Clay

World War 1

 Keith Caldwell Sqn CO 1918

The sign says `74 Squadron RAF Officers Mess.` The place was Clairmarais Ira `Taffy` Jones DSO MC DFC MM - Sqn CO post Armistice

74 Sqn C Flight. B. Row L to R. Lt Mathieson, Captain Glynn, Lt Shoemaker

SE5a. The prop is about to be swungSE5A F8990 showing the white rectangle on the rear fuselage which distinguished 74 Squadron aircraft. 1 15 14 13 9 8 7 6 4 3


(Demons and Gauntlets)

Demon at Hal Far - with early camo6

7Demons ver Malta 1936

Unloading 74 at Valetta Sept 1935Demons unloading at ValettaSailor in Demon May 1937Unloadingf 74 at Valetta Sept 1935 2

Tiger GauntletHornchurch 1937


74 Sqn hangar Hornchurch 74 Hornchurch circa 1937

1937 Gauntlet. Tiger's head in Fighter Comand spear marking74 Squadron, Hornchurch March 1938.Engine Change - one man and toolboxErnie MayneFirst Spit delivered Feb 1939 See file for names. Sassoon rophy.Gauntlet - but whereHornchurch 1936ish - Gauntlets and Demons, the latter of 65 Sqn - or both 74 as re-equipment in progress perhaps.Gauntlets. Unknown location. Thanks to Ian SimpsonGauntlet maintenanceGauntlet II - Air Pictorial May 1973Gauntlet controlsHornchurch 1938. Pilot Sgt or Pl Off PettigrewUnknown location. GauntletsTiger Gauntlet markingsTaffy Jones in full ceremonial regalia - pre WWIISee file for names 2See file for names 1Scramble 1938Unmarked Gauntlets presumably 74 at Hornhurchvia Ian Simpson. Camo Gauntlet with pre war code. A rare photo.

__________ __________________________

World War 2

Spitfires of 74 Squadron JHF-JHC-JHH-JHG taking off from RAF Hornchurch 8th August 1939.

Spitfires of 74 Squadron JHF-JHC-JHH-JHG taking off from RAF Hornchurch 8th August 1939.

(Image courtesy of Tony Philpot from the Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Trust)

Spits 1 Spits 3 Spits 2 Hornchurch 1939 [1]

Hornchurch 1939 [2] Hornchurch 1939 [3] Hornchurch 1939 [4] Hornchurch 1939 [5]

The camera crew prepare for another film shot at the opening of the 74 squadron Bell tent, known as 'The Tiger's Den' Left to right FL Treacy, FO Hoare and FSgt Maine B' Flight pilots posing for this very casual photograph, they are from left to right FO Thom, PO Dowding, FL Treacy standing at the doorway of tent, FO Hoare, FSgt Maine and Sgt Bushell 40 Biggin Hill Stills 013 37 50 61 56 51.

Summer 1940. Back Row Freeborn, Draper,Franklin. Front Row Munggo Park, Peter St. John

Sailor Malan


Sailor`s signature_small

Memorial window Biggin Hill chapel


A famous photograph - John Freeborn on his Spitfire's wing.

 John Freeborn John Freeborn by Cuthbert Orde 70 69 68 67 7431[1] 62 58 38 Manston 1941 Ready to Scramble. Hilken front left, York front right. 48 52 51 45 44 43 42 39 Long Kesh 1942. Armourers. Unknown, Bob Boyce, Harry Waring, Unknown. H M Stephen 55 54 59 53 Long Kesh Dispersal. Long Kesh 1942. The graveyard [3] Long Kesh 1942. The graveyard [3]. Ted Mansfield perhaps Long Kesh 1942. Fire Section 71 73 72 74 Sqn Gremlin in the Middle East 74 75 77 82 81 80 79 78 Meherebad, Teheran. Hurricane beneath the groundcrew! March 1943. Teheran Meherebad airfield. Hurricanes departing for Shaibah. Note Blenheim. March 1943. Teheran Meherbad airfield. Russian Spitfire. 113 112 110 109 108 107 106 105 104 103 102 101 100 98 97 96 95 91 90 89 88 86 85 83

Spud Hayter CO Apr 43 to Dec 44 Mungo Park and H M StephenGroundcrew LG106 El Daba Western Desert 74 Squadron Drope to Colerne. Final formation over Drope. 139 138 137 136 135 134 133 132 131 130 129 128 127 126 125 124 123 122 120 119 118 117 116 115 114 74 Squadron WWII 74 Squadron Spitfire with 500lb centreline bomb 74 Squadron Spitfire taken from prop spinner 74 Squadron from Drope to Colerne. Hugh about to take off. 74 Squadron Drope. Hugh with his groundcrew - Fitter Paddy Flynn on right and Rigger Brooky Brook 74 Squadron Drope. Adjutant Fl Off Dave Davis outside Orderly Room.



The following selection of photographs were sent in by Jill Jones, daughter of the late Lawrence Hamblin who served as a Tiger in the Middle East between 1942/46.

1. Laurie Hamblin 22. Location and date unknown - but certainly plenty of sunshine! 18. Idku Christmas at work! 21. Dekheila January 1944. After the dates! (1) 17. Idku Christmas at play! 8. Laurie in Alexandria July1943 9. On leave in Alexandria October 1943 5. 74 Sqn Maintenance Flight at RAF Meherabad March 1943. 4. Laurie and the lads relaxing at Meherabad February 1943

An account of the life of ‘Laurie’ will feature in a future ‘TIger News’



Tiger's meteor, Germany post warMeteor F3 Colerne74 Squadron Colerne 1945. Hugh in cockpit. CO Wg Cdr Kennard immediately below Hugh.74 Squadron Colerne. Lanc swings on take off and crashes into 74`s dispersal.AVM MacDonald AOC 11 Group talking to Hugh inspects 74 at Colerne. CO Jim Cooksey is 4th from the left. F3sAH03AH12AH22Taffy Rees GravePERSON~1Peggy DicksMay 1951. Sqn Armament NCO Flt Sgt Blake checks the ammoMay 1951. Flt Lt Edmonds B Flight beats up H st F towerMay 1951. A Flight scrambleMeteor F Mk 8s May 1951Meteor F Mk 4s 2Meteor F Mk 8s May 1951. Still carrying wartime 4D codes

From Ian Cadwallader’s archive

2 Four pairs Meatboxes 31 Photo for Xmas card 56 29 Boats Loaded 30 1956 Xmas Card 27 Boat Talk (1) 26 Meteor Aeros Team 25 Aeros Team Boss, Dick, Chuck, Dunc. 24 Aeros Team 23 Aeros over Norfolk 22 Aeros Team 1956 21 John Robertson & Pete McWhirr. Aeros Team 1956 20 Capt Chuck Sewall USMC Flt Lt Bluey Whitehead RAAF 18 Bluey Whitehead 19 Stand-by 17 John Whitehead, Jack Southward,& Brian Jackson --- 16 Mc P very alert 15. Seven Pairs Ex Stronghold 14 My Hand painted Tiger 13 A Flt Winners Morse Trophy 1956 12 Flt Cdr's Transport John Robertson 11 Jenny. John Robertson's dog 10 A Model OO. Dick Lewis 9 PAI Mike Thomas1956 8 A P Hilton 7 Chuck Sewell 6 In the Hangar 5 Officers Mess Horsham St Faith (1) 4 Bernie McP & Pip Smith 3 Sqn Ldr K Haselwood




A selection of  ‘Meteor Memories’  kindly offered for publishing by Ex Tiger pilot, Derek Morter– 52/54

1 IMG_0002 23 IMG 21 22 (1) 19 20 17 18 (1) 15 16 13 14 12 10 11 9A 3 1A 2




From Ian Cadwallader’s archive

11 Begum c

1 Aeros Team 42 Pete and Janet 41 In Beverley for wedding 40 Well Dressed at Rayner Wedding 39 Ian Cad a scramble 38 Barbara & Tony Dean 37 The 9 Pilots Nick Tester,Glyn Roberts, Mike Ginn, Boz Rob 35 On final 36 A landing 34. 9 Hunter 6s 32 Tony & Judy Davies & Jack S 31 T7 30 Publicity Pic. 29 74 T7_edited 27 Nick Tester's Roller 26 New Aircraft 24 Line-up for AOC 23 In a Hurry Clive Wallis 22 Hunter 6s 21 Hunter 4s, Javelins 23 Sqn 17 Hilton Back half 16 Happy with new aircraft 15 Foxtrot XK141 7 Dropping Gunpack 6 Op Turn-round 5. Hunter 4s 4 Clive Wallis 3 Beach Party 1958


From the squadron archives 

Wv272 XF511 Wethersfield May 1960 or 1961 XK141 006. Ian Cadwallader Taxiing out Horsham St Faith Ted Nance`s HunterOn deployment to NicosiaPersonalised HunterJohn Atkinson in his Hunter.Rock Hudson, Ian Sheppard, Mike Ginn, Pete Budd, Ian Cadwallader, John AtkinsonNicosia Detachment [5]Nicosia Detachment [6]Hunter T7 [3]Hunterlocation unknownIan Cadwallader (cockpit) , Peter Budd, Ian Sheppard, John Atkinson, Rock Hudson, Mike Ginn.Ian Cadwallder and carHunter T7 [1]Hunter T7 [2]Hunter F.6. Profile publications 1959.Hunter F.6Hunter formationG in flightHangared Hunters Horsham St FaithHenry RileyHunter - details not knownFlypast Nicosia [probably]77 Wallis, Rayner Cadwallader, Allison80 Looks good John83 Tony Davies, Jack AtkinsonAalhorn Dec 1957 . Wallis, Dean, Rayner, Cadwallader, AllisonAalhorn Dec 1957 SunsetAalhorn Dec 1957. Curtis (CO)Aalhorn. Boz in the snow Dec 1957Air Pictorial September 1960 Jerry Cohu is the pilot.Aldergrove June 1957 Tony Dean in cockpit. Boz top row 2nd from left. Bernie Brennan next to him. Pete Rayner bottom row on leftBoz and colleagues relaxing at H St FBoz Hunter in flightCricket at Coltishall [1]Crisket at Coltishall [2]74 guys in the sun 174 guys in the sun 274 in Belgium for the World`s Fair flypast. Via Henry Riley74 Peter Budd74 sqd Hunter XE683 May 1957 Ian Simpson74 sqdn Hunter XE612 Coltishall July 28, 195974 Sqn 374 Sqn 474 Sqn 574 Sqn 1174 Sqn 1274 Sqn 1374 Sqn 1574 Sqn 1774 Sqn 1874 Sqn 2474 Sqn accident 174 Sqn accident 274 Sqn Adoption of Begum Bertram Mills Circus London74 Sqn Car donated by Testers74 Squadron, RAF Horsham St. Faith 195875 Belgian Air Force Pilots76 Stranded at Alhorn46 Crew Room Rod, Tim Pete Guy Mike Cooke.47 Clive Wallis & Pete Budd.48 My car Tiger49 All 74 Sqn aircraft50 Cleaning for AOC51 We joined to fly them not to clean them.52 Bulb !53 Ian Cad55 Party 256 Fun on the Range57 Javelin58 Clive and Trog Bennett59. The Squadron RAF Horsham St Faith 195860 Visit to USAF Sculthorpe61 Ian & his Hunter64 Wg Cdr John Hill Wingco Flying.66 Alex Kerr & Begum67 With Our Sqn Mascot68 Tony Hilton & Begum69. Sqn with Begum. mAY 195770 Our Mascot73 Belgian Boss,& Mike Norman74 guys at H St F1 Aeros Team4 Clive Wallis5. Hunter 4s6 Op Turn-round7 Dropping Gunpack11 Begum c15 Foxtrot XK14116 Happy with new aircraft17 Hilton Back half21 Hunter 4s, Javelins 23 Sqn22 Hunter 6s23 In a Hurry Clive Wallis24 Line-up for AOC26 New Aircraft27 Nick Tester's Roller29 74 T7_edited30 Publicity Pic.31 T733 Boss briefing for Flypast37 The 9 Pilots Nick Tester,Glyn Roberts, Mike Ginn, Boz Rob39 Ian Cad a scramble43 Publicity Eastern Evening News44 Rock, Ian, Mike, Pete, Ian, Jack45. Hunters, Norwich Cathedral


74 Lightning2

Compilation by John Crow

74 John Crow (1963) (1) Group 003 DSC00461 DSC00004 BBQ Tengah1 105-0526_IMG 105-0525_IMG 105-0524_IMG 105-0523_IMG (1) 105-0522_IMG (1) 105-0520_IMG 105-0519_IMG 105-0518_IMG (1) 105-0516_IMG 105-0513_IMG 105-0511_IMG 105-0509_IMG (1)74 - 1962JJ-8JC-6JC-5JC-4JC-3JC-2 (1)JC-1Group1967 001Group 004Ground Crew001Ground Crew002Chris LongtonBBQ Tengah2 (1)Bangkok197174 Sqdn Tengah 174 LightningDACT Exercise (1)JS - Slide IJJ-16JJ-14JJ-15JJ-12JJ-9JJ-10JJ-7JJ-5JJ-6JJ-4 (1)JJ-3JJ-1JC Coltishall 1963 (01)Funeral Frank Whitehouse74 Sqdn Tengah (1)Cyprus 1965Lightning Aircrew 009Lightning 017Lightning 004 (1)Lightning 009Lightning 003Lightning 002Lee Kuan Yew 1970JS - Slide GJS - Slide FJS - Slide DJS - Slide CJS - Slide AJJ-19JJ-17JJ-18JJ-11Lightning 005Tengah1967 001Standard CeremonySingapore 1971 001Singapore 003Singapore 002Princess Margaret4Princess Margaret2Princess Margaret1Open Day 1970Lightning Aircrew 011Lightning Aircrew 010Lightning Aircrew 008Lightning Aircrew 007Lightning Aircrew 006Lightning Aircrew 005Lightning Aircrew 004Lightning Aircrew 003Lightning Aircrew 002Lightning Aircrew 001Lightning 1967Lightning 019Lightning 016Lightning 014Lightning 015Lightning 013Lightning 012Lightning 010Lightning 011Lightning 008Lightning 007Lightning 00674 Aeros team 1962 1069Trev Taylor (17)Tengah1971 02Simon Bostok1968Tengah1967 002Princess Margaret8Princess Margaret7Princess Margaret6Princess Margaret5Princess Margaret3March PastLightnings re-fueling 002Lightnings re-fueling 001LIGHTNING TOLightning DJLightning 001JS - Slide EJJ-13JJ-2JC Coltishall 1963 (02)Jim Jewel 1967Group1967 002Dave Roome 68-7174 lineupInverted Lightning

Lightning 1




The following 20 photos taken by Trevor Taylor during the ‘Tengah Days’

Trev Taylor (2) Trev Taylor (20) Trev Taylor (21) Trev Taylor (18) Trev Taylor (19) Trev Taylor (15) Trev Taylor (16) Trev Taylor (14) Trev Taylor (12) Trev Taylor (13) Trev Taylor (10) Trev Taylor (11) Trev Taylor (8) Trev Taylor (9) Trev Taylor (7) Trev Taylor (6) Trev Taylor (5) Trev Taylor (3) Trev Taylor (4) Trev Taylor (1)

A number of photos taken at Tengah by Angus ` Mac ` MacInnes in 1970

(Supplied courtesy by Mac`s son Richard)

314489619_3295677454028083_7960688151246411097_n 314453894_3295677394028089_9081003166285151203_n 314416281_3295676927361469_5544667187560063525_n 314415480_3295677047361457_5949317692368066366_n 314408965_3295677250694770_4980276505225125583_n 74 Sqn hangar untitled-56 314499407_3295676984028130_4857732735408450845_n




Images scanned from original slides and kindly provided by Jim Jolly

AJ1 Tengah Tigers start DJJ21 Vulcan sunset landing at Darwin DJJ23 Working by floodlights2 DJJ19 Darwin Sunset DJJ20 Darwin Sunset2 DJJ17 Lightning Landing at Darwin DJJ18 Darwin Line DJJ16 Vulcan landing at Darwin DJJ15 Vulcan takeoff at DarwinSE DJJ14Vulcan taxi at Darwin DJJ11 Aboriginal Reserve4 DJJ13 RAAF Darwin2 DJJ10 aboriginal Reserve3 DJJ8 Aboriginal Reserve we were taken to by the Aussies DJJ7 Termite nests in the outback DJJ6 Tigers outback waterhole swimming DJJ4 Arriving 3 DJJ2 Arriving at Darwin DJJ3 Arriving 2 BJJ12 BJJ13 BJJ11 BJJ9 BJJ10 BJJ8 BJJ7 BJJ6 BJJ4 BJJ5 BJJ3 BJJ2 BJJ1 Lightnings at Tengah start AJJ12. Jim Jolly AJJ14 Christmas bar 2 AJJ9 AJJ11 AJJ5 AJJ4 AJJ3 AJJ1 Tengah Main Gate AJJ2 Sqn. Hangar


Images kindly provided by Mic McCreadie

Baba's 001

This is what time does to us

Bishop Tickle With Lady With Guitar Mic, Billy K + Joe Mic in Suit Mic + Ken McNulty Mic + Harry Green Mic + Billy Killen Mic + Billy K Christmas Bar 3 Christmas Bar 2 Christmas Bar 1

With the kind permission of David, son of Ian Papworth, please click on the link below to view to some interesting and unique personal photo`s taken from the detachment to Butterworth and Darwin around 1969.

Tengah Tigers Butterworth/Darwin Detachment






Naval Air Rework Facility (NARF) – NAS North Island – USA

1181228 51 7 6 4 3 2 20 21 15 14 11 13 10 9922

Following photos courtesy of John Hodgson

131894083_10158396481842672_8565675599012988114_o 131891179_10158396481932672_4587073636158723241_o


The following photos have been reproduced with the kind permission of  LCDR Jan C. Jacobs, USNR

I was a “weekend warrior” Radar Intercept Officer (backseater) in Fighter Squadron 301 (VF-301) and for my regular job I was the F-4 Technical Publications Data Manager at NARF North Island.

F4JUK_page1 F4JUK_page2

Jan has also supplied the following documentation highlighting the initial paint scheme requirement for the F-4J(UK) fleet.

F4J(UK) Paint Document

 On the 24th July 1984 Jan was able to take the following shots of the now famous Ex-Black Bunny on a flight from NAS Miramar to provide AWG-10B radar calibration data for NARF North Island tests.

F4JUK_6 F4JUK_3 F4JUK_2 F4JUK_4 F4JUK_8 F4JUK_7 F4JUK_1 F4JUK_5 301_RAF

VF-301 F-4S BuNo 155542
RAF F-4J(UK) ZE352 (BuNo 153783)
24 July 1984

VF-301 crew LCDR Mike Doerr/LCDR Jim Nise
NARF North Island crew:  CDR Steve Queen, USN/Flt Lt. Clive Bairsto, RAF

Photos copyright LCDR Jan C. Jacobs, USNR

Following pictures provided by New Zealander, Selwyn Rodda,

F4J 3 tank The Boys USA HAS F4J air_1 F4J air


(Photo Journal supplied with thanks by Keith Sedgewick via his son Julian. Keith was a Chief Tech on the project team)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38

Tiger Trail One

 Taken at Goose Bay 1984 on route to Wattisham

 Pete Claxton 6Pete Claxton 2 Pete Claxton 4 Pete Claxton 5 Pete Claxton 3 Pete Claxton 1 F-4J Serials codes

(Photo`s courtesy of Pete Claxton)

RAF Wattisham  

23rd March 1985

The following images are reproduced with the kind permission of Ian who took this set of shots from the fence line.


35528166824_23a252aaf1_o 36227297581_77207c03da_o 36227297011_3857f0fb03_o  36227295941_112c3c0e1c_o 35528172024_8fe7e77613_o 35528170644_a18fd6fced_o 35528169984_d0906d4780_o 35528169154_560f5b1e1b_o 35528168714_8bca33c25f_o 35528167704_a997519479_o

(If your one of the aircrew in these pictures, let me know so we can add some detail).


RAF Coningsby 14th June 1985

Coningsby 14th June 1985 ZE364 Z Shaun Haselden

Reproduced courtesy of Shaun Haselden

Akrotiri 1985

Akrotiri  APC 1985

Dick N 2 Dick N 1

(Courtesy of Dick Northcote)

Further Phantom pictures kindly sent in by Pete Williams 1985/86

74 groundcrew patch 2_renamed_5434 T taxiing APC 85_renamed_28774 q shed pair_renamed_22419 R airborne Q_renamed_30891 P on Q_renamed_22737 P on Q 2_renamed_27707 G pre UK del_renamed_9740 family day 86 see-in_renamed_21393 Ex 74 J at Duxford c1992_renamed_2196 E on Q_renamed_4825 E landing APC 85_renamed_8300 E on 48 hr engine run Q_renamed_15444 74 groundcrew patch_renamed_23943

Ian Black ZE359


Copyright – Ian Black

Some unique photos kindly reproduced courtesy of Peter Rolt

These first three shots capture a rare occurrence when ZE359 deployed her chute and then executed a go around having to engage the RHAG on the next approach.

124789917_3814657275224855_6297459148762103928_o 125419757_3814657495224833_4921824836549602817_o 125426374_3814657765224806_5782250461471231244_o

125383847_3814763841880865_1427831842863896032_o 126029048_3817379584952624_3535971507775433510_o 125558418_3817441768279739_5736179496981009648_o 125556398_3817382671618982_3304362808097320223_o 125531623_3817373824953200_6149469653501571229_o 126615368_3828270500530199_956036958576745858_o 126527811_3828278107196105_811392466110022027_o 126505745_3828277263862856_2597682705893313886_o 126482317_3828698753820707_3018624003705050384_o 126449990_3828271757196740_1406561147228649747_o 126290606_3828287990528450_1368441126398391825_o 126181121_3828274360529813_1745349787003705890_o 126104134_3819487414741841_1080913365173148489_o 125966835_3819468078077108_8974366313698521087_o 125810244_3819468558077060_6746396206961810178_o 125779057_3819463591410890_5374967830689399405_o 125765098_3819488511408398_1645115561057311249_o 125764840_3819469108077005_5136802510925225490_o

127018752_3834317046592211_761525037482262822_o 127022840_3834268763263706_3940202640514824701_o 127001645_3834330553257527_8465658028991820701_o 126957040_3834439289913320_2769427038042453045_o 126954589_3834324479924801_5436340151307669382_o 126953957_3834330453257537_7062202531436554329_o 126949240_3834323783258204_1001357287729506822_o 126949239_3834334829923766_9008578799850140365_o 126947240_3834334483257134_6028586185523073671_o 126929396_3834278463262736_7651402527538625429_o 126925611_3834334946590421_4691970105777847679_o 126923306_3834271253263457_2467536566772161198_o 126906267_3834281346595781_2537190183967781274_o 126906199_3834316879925561_7594860350566469792_o 126889668_3834275336596382_4215935258721940651_o 126886641_3834349156589000_7865607908022549309_o 126881088_3834323409924908_6067102984001925993_o 126867877_3834359989921250_3209969488089981885_o

125859882_3817363548287561_4632326308702239483_o 126029048_3817459481611301_8756334448481200539_o 125527577_3817445114946071_6593993092195186300_o 126346898_3827905003900082_5570528922646113229_o 126269171_3827905143900068_4885981098664496647_o 126135277_3820270301330219_5557262723799106215_o 126104131_3820249964665586_4475168193754587270_o 126015076_3820304961326753_7232685497176332118_o 125951840_3820269347996981_5656941244710856361_o 125924939_3820325797991336_821624632332603706_o 125886792_3820438324646750_6173590035427370799_o 129704413_3865648920125690_2587414495935016875_o 129481967_3865652633458652_6102693659580468563_o 129403778_3865648726792376_143899054086091091_o 129337522_3864599423563973_2616228945687811216_o

Reproduced courtesy of Cheech Beach


102325839_909535626231894_492196202315260393_n 102422747_909535666231890_819405913392526321_n 103077165_909606436224813_1120489320212904829_n 102724424_909606389558151_4639750127322149729_n 102336405_909606496224807_4840489842652292876_n 102885091_909606222891501_7732957194790570954_n 102407875_909606292891494_389594643646183586_n 102301092_909568432895280_5199299760821277203_n 102662950_909528669565923_8151537777430301231_o

Reproduced courtesy of Colin Collis


80070670_10156224949016362_5949619892213776384_o 79871111_10156224948996362_2588840113744117760_o

Reproduced courtesy of Tom McGhee

64893028_10214581849836054_7414772359460028416_o 65128835_10214581852316116_3384115345106141184_o 65004034_10214581851196088_2857611371762155520_o 64914723_10214581852076110_3619214832617652224_o64851867_10214581852836129_2654978916430643200_o65135764_10214581850076060_5984237002202021888_oapc64882551_10214581850796078_3653382332544450560_o64771202_10214581850636074_7318732290811494400_o65266659_10214581851716101_7199188748075008000_o64668048_10214581852556122_565718807167893504_o

ZE351 ZE363 ZE358 ZE357 ZE356 ZE355 ZE354_2 ZE354 ZE352

Reproduced courtesy of Graham Clarke

Akrotiri MayJun 1990 Sean O'Brien (the nav) Akrotiri MayJun 1990 2

Phantom ZE359/J crewed by Graham Clarke and Sean O’Brien pose for the cameraman who is on board an Avro Shackleton off the coast of Akrotiri, May-Jun 1990.

 Reproduced courtesy of Kevin Jones

ZE359 Rear cockpit Kevin Jones

Phantom ZE359/J rear cockpit

Reproduced courtesy of Tony Dixon

16681878_10156360523958084_264319461363389714_n 16736243_10156360622458084_961452925_n 16708215_10156360523963084_4637918276467441710_n 16731028_10156360623088084_1566354635_n (1)

F4J1 F4J2img021img022img023img096img115img116img123img143img144img148img149img150img151img152img153img154img156img157img158img160img162img163img165img166img168

Supplied from the Squadron Scrap Book

Probe capture KC135 ifr

92578147_10213004734953364_567174740951695360_o Stinton J Cabriolet

Reproduced courtesy of Grant Race

Grant Race 1 Grant Race 3 Grant Race 2Grant Race 4 Grant Race 7 Grant Race 6 Grant Race 5

Reproduced courtesy of Allan Condley


IMG_20190807_0019IMG_20190807_0002 IMG_20190807_0006 IMG_20190807_0005 IMG_20190807_0004 IMG_20190807_0003IMG_20190807_0007 IMG_20190807_0015 IMG_20190807_0013_0001 IMG_20190807_0013 IMG_20190807_0011 IMG_20190807_0010 IMG_20190807_0009 IMG_20190807_0008IMG_20190807_0016 IMG_20190807_0025 IMG_20190807_0024 IMG_20190807_0023 IMG_20190807_0022 IMG_20190807_0021 IMG_20190807_0020 IMG_20190807_0018 IMG_20190807_0017IMG_20190807_0026IMG_20190807_0027IMG_20190807_0028IMG_20190807_0029IMG_20190807_0030IMG_20190807_0031IMG_20190807_0034IMG_20190807_0033IMG_20190807_0032


905 2 905 1 460

(Courtesy of Stuart Skelton)

380 310614031_1792792654416392_8266608203080192173_n

These shots was taken after we’d crewed out. This was our 4th JMC sortie from St Mawgan working with Buccaneers, F15s, F3s etc. We mostly flew sweep or escort missions. On this sortie on 6 Jun 91 when outbound to the southwest of St Mawgan, OC74 noticed some bits of gel coat flying off the radome and then the fibre structure underneath started to unwind and shed in the airflow. It looked like a crepe bandage unwinding. The concern was the radome failing totally and causing a massive uncontrollable yaw, or larger bits of radome taking out one or both engines. I remember the conversation about returning to St Mawgan – we were balancing the accelerated failure of the radome and chance of ejection vs the need to get on the ground as quickly as possible. It was a 55 minute sortie in XT891. The very next sortie was an air test that day in XT914 which had an uncommanded pitch up and subsequent difficult handling.

(With thanks to Bill Preece)

Phantom 74 Sqn Wattisham 74Sqn Wattisham approach

(Images courtesy of Stephen Cottrell)

ZE359`S Delivery Flight to Duxford 10th July 1991

Mick Cameron 1

Mick Cameron 3 Mick Cameron 2

(Posted with the kind permission of Mick Cameron)

Phantom FGR.2 XV490 at Leuchars in Feb 1992 without it`s black tail.

XV490 at Leuchars in Feb 92.

 (By kind permission of Alistair Henderson)

Live Fire Sparrow Missile Mishap

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 (By kind permission of Bob Daniels)

Pictures kindly sent in by Dave Pilsworth

F4 display team 1992– (Mark Mainwaring-Nav)  (Archie Liggat–Pilot)

74 Squadron

Tail Code P Tail Code W Tail Code V Tail Code T

Phantom FGR.2 XT914 at North Weald `Fightermeet` going through her paces and parked up on the ramp in 1992.

IMG_20200525_0003 IMG_20200525_0004

IMG_20200525_0007 IMG_20200525_0006 IMG_20200525_0005

(Courtesy Tony Clay)

Archie Liggat and Mark Mainwaring putting the display jet through it`s paces in 1992 and losing part of the wing in the process.

Families Day on 27 Jun 92 'S' was XV465


Leaving Wattisham for the last time 31st October 1992

(Photos courtesy of Rick Brewell)

74 Sqn Leaving Wattisham 74 Sqn Leaving Wattisham (7)74 Sqn over HAS site74 Sqn Leaving Wattisham (4) 74 Sqn Leaving Wattisham (3) 74 Sqn Leaving Wattisham (2) 74 Sqn over RAF Wattisham (b)74 Sqn Phantom & F4U-7 Corsair over Duxford crop 74 Sqn Phantom & F4U-7 Corsair74 Sqn Phantom Close Up74 Sqn Leaving Wattisham (6)Wattisham Final Departure 74 SQN PHANTOMS Phantom Pair 

Phinal Phantom Phling

RAF Wattisham 3rd October 1992

(Photo`s courtesy of Richard Trewern and John McNally-Roberts)


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Further Phantom pictures kindly sent in by Norman Wells

F4J-ZE361 F4J-ZE361-5 F4J-ZE361-4 F4J-ZE361-3 F4J-ZE361-2

Specially painted Tiger Phantom XV404 at Hanningfield Metals


The Tiger Car  


A Ford Cortina painted by members of 74 Sqn in 1991/92

(Images courtesy of Callum McLean)


ZE359 Shortly after arrival at Duxford and prior to being repainted in the USN VF-74 scheme she wore over Vietnam.

(courtesy of Tony Clay)


October 1992

XV474/T the flagship of 74F SQN is delivered to her new home of Duxford. Flown there by AVM Sir John Allison the then AOC of 11 group with Mark Mainwaring in the backseat.

AVM Allison seen signing the aircraft back to the ground crew in this case Sgt Gordon Edie from 74F Sqn

(Image courtesy of MoD)


Hawk Tiger

Hawk XX165 at Brize Norton Photoshoot 1993

(With thanks to Peter Wilkins)

Colin Jenkins

Squadron Photo Call 1994

(Courtesy of Colin Jenkins)

XX226 Wattisham '92 Linton 1 FTS 80th - Hawk XX316 74 Sqn.

(With thanks to Mick Britton)

74 Sqn Ramp

74`s Ramp at RAF Valley circa 1998

(With thanks to Kevin Wills)

TK Hawk Tiger Meet tc HawkBlack Tiger 74 Squadron Archive Hawks 411 410 408 407 406 405 404 403 412 414

(images from the 74`s scrapbook)