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 Due to the logistics of handling original photos, I am afraid I can only accept digitised images.


Archive Bob Cossey–Compilation John Crow & Tony Clay

World War 1

 Keith Caldwell Sqn CO 1918

The sign says `74 Squadron RAF Officers Mess.` The place was Clairmarais Ira `Taffy` Jones DSO MC DFC MM - Sqn CO post Armistice

74 Sqn C Flight. B. Row L to R. Lt Mathieson, Captain Glynn, Lt Shoemaker

SE5a. The prop is about to be swungSE5A F8990 showing the white rectangle on the rear fuselage which distinguished 74 Squadron aircraft.


Demon at Hal Far - with early camo6

7Demons ver Malta 1936

Tiger GauntletHornchurch 1937


74 Sqn hangar Hornchurch 74 Hornchurch circa 1937

1937 Gauntlet. Tiger's head in Fighter Comand spear marking

__________ __________________________

World War 2

Spits 1 Spits 3 Spits 2 Hornchurch 1939 [1]

Hornchurch 1939 [2] Hornchurch 1939 [3] Hornchurch 1939 [4] Hornchurch 1939 [5]

The camera crew prepare for another film shot at the opening of the 74 squadron Bell tent, known as 'The Tiger's Den' Left to right FL Treacy, FO Hoare and FSgt Maine B' Flight pilots posing for this very casual photograph, they are from left to right FO Thom, PO Dowding, FL Treacy standing at the doorway of tent, FO Hoare, FSgt Maine and Sgt Bushell

Summer 1940. Back Row Freeborn, Draper,Franklin. Front Row Munggo Park, Peter St. John

Sailor Malan


Sailor`s signature_small

Memorial window Biggin Hill chapel


A famous photograph - John Freeborn on his Spitfire's wing.

 John Freeborn John Freeborn by Cuthbert Orde

74 Sqn Gremlin in the Middle East

At Dekheila Western Desert Temporary camp Hornchurh 1939 Tony Reeves (CO Dec 44 to May 45) kite. Drope. May 45 Spit LF XVIEs in Holland at Schijndel Spud Hayter CO Apr 43 to Dec 44 Rangitata - the ship on which 74 sailed to the Middle East Mungo Park and H M Stephen Groundcrew LG106 El Daba Western Desert Fl Sgt Ray Racy - with 74b in 1945 Doc Ferris Military Cross

74 Squadron Spitfire IX with rockets and 500 pounder.



The following selection of photographs were sent in by Jill Jones, daughter of the late Lawrence Hamblin who served as a Tiger in the Middle East between 1942/46.

1. Laurie Hamblin 22. Location and date unknown - but certainly plenty of sunshine! 18. Idku Christmas at work! 21. Dekheila January 1944. After the dates! (1) 17. Idku Christmas at play! 8. Laurie in Alexandria July1943 9. On leave in Alexandria October 1943 5. 74 Sqn Maintenance Flight at RAF Meherabad March 1943. 4. Laurie and the lads relaxing at Meherabad February 1943

An account of the life of ‘Laurie’ will feature in a future ‘TIger News’



From Ian Cadwallader’s archive

2 Four pairs Meatboxes 31 Photo for Xmas card 56 29 Boats Loaded 30 1956 Xmas Card 27 Boat Talk (1) 26 Meteor Aeros Team 25 Aeros Team Boss, Dick, Chuck, Dunc. 24 Aeros Team 23 Aeros over Norfolk 22 Aeros Team 1956 21 John Robertson & Pete McWhirr. Aeros Team 1956 20 Capt Chuck Sewall USMC Flt Lt Bluey Whitehead RAAF 18 Bluey Whitehead 19 Stand-by 17 John Whitehead, Jack Southward,& Brian Jackson --- 16 Mc P very alert 15. Seven Pairs Ex Stronghold 14 My Hand painted Tiger 13 A Flt Winners Morse Trophy 1956 12 Flt Cdr's Transport John Robertson 11 Jenny. John Robertson's dog 10 A Model OO. Dick Lewis 9 PAI Mike Thomas1956 8 A P Hilton 7 Chuck Sewell 6 In the Hangar 5 Officers Mess Horsham St Faith (1) 4 Bernie McP & Pip Smith 3 Sqn Ldr K Haselwood




A selection of  ‘Meteor Memories’  kindly offered for publishing by Ex Tiger pilot, Derek Morter– 52/54

1 IMG_0002 23 IMG 21 22 (1) 19 20 17 18 (1) 15 16 13 14 12 10 11 9A 3 1A 2




From Ian Cadwallader’s archive

11 Begum c

1 Aeros Team 42 Pete and Janet 41 In Beverley for wedding 40 Well Dressed at Rayner Wedding 39 Ian Cad a scramble 38 Barbara & Tony Dean 37 The 9 Pilots Nick Tester,Glyn Roberts, Mike Ginn, Boz Rob 35 On final 36 A landing 34. 9 Hunter 6s 32 Tony & Judy Davies & Jack S 31 T7 30 Publicity Pic. 29 74 T7_edited 27 Nick Tester's Roller 26 New Aircraft 24 Line-up for AOC 23 In a Hurry Clive Wallis 22 Hunter 6s 21 Hunter 4s, Javelins 23 Sqn 17 Hilton Back half 16 Happy with new aircraft 15 Foxtrot XK141 7 Dropping Gunpack 6 Op Turn-round 5. Hunter 4s 4 Clive Wallis 3 Beach Party 1958




74 Lightning2

Compilation by John Crow

74 John Crow (1963) (1) Group 003 DSC00461 DSC00004 BBQ Tengah1 105-0526_IMG 105-0525_IMG 105-0524_IMG 105-0523_IMG (1) 105-0522_IMG (1) 105-0520_IMG 105-0519_IMG 105-0518_IMG (1) 105-0516_IMG 105-0513_IMG 105-0511_IMG 105-0509_IMG (1)74 - 1962JJ-8JC-6JC-5JC-4JC-3JC-2 (1)JC-1Group1967 001Group 004Ground Crew001Ground Crew002Chris LongtonBBQ Tengah2 (1)Bangkok197174 Sqdn Tengah 174 LightningDACT Exercise (1)JS - Slide IJJ-16JJ-14JJ-15JJ-12JJ-9JJ-10JJ-7JJ-5JJ-6JJ-4 (1)JJ-3JJ-1JC Coltishall 1963 (01)Funeral Frank Whitehouse74 Sqdn Tengah (1)Cyprus 1965Lightning Aircrew 009Lightning 017Lightning 004 (1)Lightning 009Lightning 003Lightning 002Lee Kuan Yew 1970JS - Slide GJS - Slide FJS - Slide DJS - Slide CJS - Slide AJJ-19JJ-17JJ-18JJ-11Lightning 005Tengah1967 001Standard CeremonySingapore 1971 001Singapore 003Singapore 002Princess Margaret4Princess Margaret2Princess Margaret1Open Day 1970Lightning Aircrew 011Lightning Aircrew 010Lightning Aircrew 008Lightning Aircrew 007Lightning Aircrew 006Lightning Aircrew 005Lightning Aircrew 004Lightning Aircrew 003Lightning Aircrew 002Lightning Aircrew 001Lightning 1967Lightning 019Lightning 016Lightning 014Lightning 015Lightning 013Lightning 012Lightning 010Lightning 011Lightning 008Lightning 007Lightning 00674 Aeros team 1962 1069Trev Taylor (17)Tengah1971 02Simon Bostok1968Tengah1967 002Princess Margaret8Princess Margaret7Princess Margaret6Princess Margaret5Princess Margaret3March PastLightnings re-fueling 002Lightnings re-fueling 001LIGHTNING TOLightning DJLightning 001JS - Slide EJJ-13JJ-2JC Coltishall 1963 (02)Jim Jewel 1967Group1967 002Dave Roome 68-7174 lineupInverted Lightning

Lightning 1




The following 20 photos taken by Trevor Taylor during the ‘Tengah Days’

Trev Taylor (2) Trev Taylor (20) Trev Taylor (21) Trev Taylor (18) Trev Taylor (19) Trev Taylor (15) Trev Taylor (16) Trev Taylor (14) Trev Taylor (12) Trev Taylor (13) Trev Taylor (10) Trev Taylor (11) Trev Taylor (8) Trev Taylor (9) Trev Taylor (7) Trev Taylor (6) Trev Taylor (5) Trev Taylor (3) Trev Taylor (4) Trev Taylor (1)



Images scanned from original slides and kindly provided by Jim Jolly

AJ1 Tengah Tigers start DJJ21 Vulcan sunset landing at Darwin DJJ23 Working by floodlights2 DJJ19 Darwin Sunset DJJ20 Darwin Sunset2 DJJ17 Lightning Landing at Darwin DJJ18 Darwin Line DJJ16 Vulcan landing at Darwin DJJ15 Vulcan takeoff at DarwinSE DJJ14Vulcan taxi at Darwin DJJ11 Aboriginal Reserve4 DJJ13 RAAF Darwin2 DJJ10 aboriginal Reserve3 DJJ8 Aboriginal Reserve we were taken to by the Aussies DJJ7 Termite nests in the outback DJJ6 Tigers outback waterhole swimming DJJ4 Arriving 3 DJJ2 Arriving at Darwin DJJ3 Arriving 2 BJJ12 BJJ13 BJJ11 BJJ9 BJJ10 BJJ8 BJJ7 BJJ6 BJJ4 BJJ5 BJJ3 BJJ2 BJJ1 Lightnings at Tengah start AJJ12. Jim Jolly AJJ14 Christmas bar 2 AJJ9 AJJ11 AJJ5 AJJ4 AJJ3 AJJ1 Tengah Main Gate AJJ2 Sqn. Hangar


Images kindly provided by Mic McCreadie

Baba's 001

This is what time does to us

Bishop Tickle With Lady With Guitar Mic, Billy K + Joe Mic in Suit Mic + Ken McNulty Mic + Harry Green Mic + Billy Killen Mic + Billy K Christmas Bar 3 Christmas Bar 2 Christmas Bar 1

With the kind permission of David, son of Ian Papworth, please click on the link below to view to some interesting and unique personal photo`s taken from the detachment to Butterworth and Darwin around 1969.


Tengah Tigers Butterworth/Darwin Detachment


Following pictures provided by New Zealander,Selwyn Rodda,

F4J 3 tank The Boys USA HAS F4J air_1 F4J air

RAF Wattisham  

23rd March 1985

The following images are reproduced with the kind permission of Ian who took this set of shots from the fence line.


35528166824_23a252aaf1_o 36227297581_77207c03da_o 36227297011_3857f0fb03_o  36227295941_112c3c0e1c_o 35528172024_8fe7e77613_o 35528170644_a18fd6fced_o 35528169984_d0906d4780_o 35528169154_560f5b1e1b_o 35528168714_8bca33c25f_o 35528167704_a997519479_o

(If your one of the aircrew in these pictures, let me know so we can add some detail).


RAF Coningsby 14th June 1985

Coningsby 14th June 1985 ZE364 Z Shaun Haselden

Reproduced courtesy of Shaun Haselden


Further Phantom pictures kindly sent in by Pete Williams 1985/86

74 groundcrew patch 2_renamed_5434 T taxiing APC 85_renamed_28774 q shed pair_renamed_22419 R airborne Q_renamed_30891 P on Q_renamed_22737 P on Q 2_renamed_27707 G pre UK del_renamed_9740 family day 86 see-in_renamed_21393 Ex 74 J at Duxford c1992_renamed_2196 E on Q_renamed_4825 E landing APC 85_renamed_8300 E on 48 hr engine run Q_renamed_15444 74 groundcrew patch_renamed_23943

Reproduced courtesy of Tony Dixon

16681878_10156360523958084_264319461363389714_n 16736243_10156360622458084_961452925_n 16708215_10156360523963084_4637918276467441710_n 16731028_10156360623088084_1566354635_n (1)

F4J1 F4J2img021img022img023img096img115img116img123img143img144img148img149img150img151img152img153img154img156img157img158img160img162img163img165img166img168

Supplied from the Squadron Scrap Book

Probe capture KC135 ifr

Reproduced courtesy of Grant Race

Grant Race 1 Grant Race 3 Grant Race 2Grant Race 4 Grant Race 7 Grant Race 6 Grant Race 5

Further Phantom pictures kindly sent in by Dave Pilsworth

F4 display team 1992– (Mark Mainwaring-Nav)  (Archie Liggat–Pilot)

74 Squadron

Tail Code P Tail Code W Tail Code V Tail Code T


Further Phantom pictures kindly sent in by Norman Wells

F4J-ZE361 F4J-ZE361-5 F4J-ZE361-4 F4J-ZE361-3 F4J-ZE361-2


Hawk Tiger

Hawk XX165 at Brize Norton Photoshoot 1993

(With thanks to Peter Wilkins)

TK Hawk Tiger Meet tc HawkBlack Tiger