This page is dedicated to all our dearly departed friends.

Each member will have a separate page dedicated to them, which may be accessed by clicking the links as below.

Hugh Rees Bill Medland Pete Botterill

Bill Cunningham

Sqn Ldr(Spud) Hayter Len Paxton-Lawrence Jacques Kleynhans  Pat Thurlow
Fred Page John Church Chris Stott  Fred Taylor
Mungo Park Steve Hopcroft Harry Baker  Sir Henry Riley
Clive Hilken Aubrey Derrick Ping

Paddy Dalzell

 Janet Southward
Mike Cooke Bill Longman

Bobby Laumans

Vaughan Radford Sammy Hoare

John Crow

Reg Grundy Pete McNamara

Duncan Allison

Eden & Joyce Webster Bart Bartholomew

Eric Dickens

George Farley Sid Simpson

Len Preston

Joe Staples Charles Godwin

Kenneth Green

Ian & Joyce Papworth Doug Tidy

Ray Racy

John Gill Joe Tombling

Chris Mullan

Nick Walsh Derek Roy Barnes

Arthur Westerhoff

John Freeborn Christopher Horn MBE

Fred Waters

Alex Davidson John Bennett

Geoffrey Ratcliffe 

Derek Morris Alec Maule

Louis McQuade

Peter Carr Ted Nance

Ted Mansfield

Angela Cordell Reg Howard

Ray Morrell

Colin Hales ‘Titch’ Harris

 John Howe